In the middle of the Amazon Forest, in the state of Pará, Brazil, departing from the municipality of Alter do Chão, I face the overwhelming nature. The one that shows us its grandeur, silences us. The colors, the smells, the sounds invite us to enter these green and mysterious labyrinths that unfolds little by lit-tle before our eyes. A sense of mystery and divine is unavoidable.

The name of the series makes a pun on the name of the place and also with the verb in Portuguese that means to change, to stop being what it is to become something else. My eyes fill with tears when imagining that maybe in some years we will not be able to glimpse such beauty, since advancing degradation and deforestation of The Amazon Rainforest are pushing the ecosystem to a “point of no return” where it would lose its ability to function.

The images were made during 10 days spent on a boat through the Tapajos River on August 2019 and they aim to draw attention to this important and ur-gent matter. Instead of using the common seen images of deforestation and fires, I decided to depict the forest with its singular and unique details.

Ana Leal (b. 1969, Brazil) is a photographer based in São Paulo, Brazil. She completed her Master of Fine Arts at Miami International University of Arts and Design (2018), and her Bachelor of Arts in photography from the Pan American School of Arts in São Paulo (2013).

Leal is the recipient of the Latin America Fotografia 7 Award as well as the 15th Julia Margaret Cameron Award. Her work has been exhibited across the United States and Brazil.